Emmaleh, who are you?

Looking for an apartment in Be'er Sheva for the school year? You have come to the right place!

Emmaleh Student Housing offers apartments to students in the C neighborhood in Be'er Sheva.
All apartments are very close to each other and offer a dorm-like experience, with the comfort of living in a private apartment.

 All Emmaleh apartments are within a 10-minute walk of central locations such as:

  • Ben-Gurion University
  • Train Station
  • Soroka hospital

 Up to 20 minutes walk from other places such as:

  • Beer Sheva city center
  • main station
  • Sami Shimon College of Engineering

Emmaleh commits Provide high quality service at very competitive prices. We have a staff available that is ready to assist all the needs of our tenants. In addition, Emmaleh does not charge brokerage fees.

Is there a problem with the apartment during the rental?

Our private hotline is available 24/7!