Emmaleh: About Us 


 Emmaleh - Student Housing is the premiere student housing company in Be'er Sheva's Gimmel Neighborhood. Our apartments are all FULLY FURNISHED, competitively priced, and our 24/7 hotline is always available for any maintenance needs.

Started in 2012, Emmaleh Student Housing was formed by a group of  families who saw the need for reliable housing options for young students attending Ben Gurion University. Determined to have better opportunities for students looking for a caring landlord, the families joined together to form Emmaleh Student Housing, beginning a new era for young students setting out on their own. Since then, our apartments have grown exponentially from a few dozen to over 100 and we are constantly adding to our number in order to achieve our vision: a proud young professional and student community in Be'er Sheva.


 Within a short walking distance of our apartments:

  • Ben Gurion University
  • Be'er Sheva North Train Station
  • Soroka Medical Center
  • Be'er Sheva's High-Tech Park


In addition, there are no agent fees.




 Problem in Your Apartment?

Call our private service 24/7!

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